In a single bound – “Aim your milestone’s in life to keep your focus on what’s important.”
    That’s what KIDS WITH GUNS.ORG is all about. Since our childhood we got two loaded guns in our hands. Everything you do should be a bullet that aims the target you want to reach in this life. Nah, you shouldn’t hit people and hurt them. Calling actors, musicians & all other creatives out there – “Load your guns – ehm … your hands and shoot with your love.”

    Quick Facts About Us

    We’re an independent label and we have the ambition to do good work. We don’t do things by half-measures. From the first idea till the end result – that’s our motto.

    Quality And Professionalism

    Every single product is produced and packaged with the relentless pursuit of professionalism. We always keep the work in sight and take care of quality. Do the math!


    White Tee

    49,90 $

    Red Tee

    49,90 $

    Black Tee

    49,90 $